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Tuesday, September 1, 2015

First Day of Spring

Well for us here in New Zealand today is the first day of spring and we woke to pouring rain, news of flooding and road closures and then by lunchtime the sun was out. Typical of our unpredictable spring weather. I am truly a summer girl so we are heading in the right direction.

I am happy to say it may now be time to fall in love with my longarm machine after having a love/hate relationship with it since I purchased it five years ago. I have struggled with the tension. the stitch regulator had issues, and basically it never ran smoothly but now!! It has a new motor, new hook assembly, stitch regulator and laser beam. Once it was set up again on it's return it took a little bit to get it's tension right, but I quickly put together this Strippy Baby Quilt and gave it a test run. What a different machine and one I had always thought it should be. So I think it needs a name - maybe Rocco due to it's rocky start and maybe it's future of sewing like a rocket!!

After my last post with having trouble with loading pictures I put this one into  Picasa Web Album and uploaded it from there and it looks better. Yes, that is my car in the background-I quilt in the garage, usually with the door open, and the car lives on the driveway!!

Help Needed-If anyone who may read this uses blogger and has tags/folders just under you title page how do you create them?? I have tried but am obviously a bit challenged inthis as I can't work it out. Thank you in anticipation.


  1. I am so happy that your machine is now running better. I had mine inactive for 3 years and had to learn all over again. Like you I used to quilt in the garage and recently moved the machine in the house...........just in time for our Fall and Winter.......our Summer is just winding down. As for the folders on the blog, yes you create them. Just spend some time with your options and try different things, I am no expert and have played around and figured out a few things I can do with the blog.

  2. Hi Marlene, hope you have fun with your re-vamped longarm :-)
    To form those tabs/folders you have to go to 'Layout' then 'add a gadget' - one of the choices will be to 'add a page' - tick that. Then you should be able to go to Design/pages/new page. It looks like you are writing a new blogpost but isn't! The newer versions of blogger may have a slightly different way of 'publishing' the page... mine says 'publish' but someone I was helping yesterday had a tick box somewhere.......I hope this helps - have a play around anyway!!

  3. Yaaa for a machine overhaul... long may your machine play nicely. I don't have any idea about tags/folders sorry.
    I'm looking forward to summer too... I've over the rain and cold.

  4. So exciting that your machine is working better. It always helps when you are not fighting your machine. Darling Stripe quilt, by the way. Karen at Sew Many Ways has lots of blogging tutorials. Although some things are from the old blogger dashboard, this may help.

  5. Yay for a machine that works! I love that you quilt in your garage, and the car sits ce-my husband creates in his and the 99 Porsche, our baby, sits outside! Jasmine gave you a great site. I've referred to her Blogging Tips many times.
    And I saw Cynthia's (LOVE her and her site and her scrap-a-palooza) Wiggle Time! It turned out superb!

  6. That alphabet fabric is adorable.
    You are looking to "Create a Page" in Blogger. It is really helpful to organize your posts and makes it lot easier to find them too!!!


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