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Thursday, July 14, 2016

Holiday over

This is where I have been!
Just look at this glorious deserted expanse of beach on the Sunshine Coast of Australia- a spot called Marcoola  (don't tell everyone though or it might become crowded!!)
This beach is 15 mins from my sister's house so you can imagine we spent time walking the sands. Not warm enough to swim as it is winter but 23degrees Celsius so I was happy.

There house is also close to hinterland so if it wasn't walking on the beach it was bush There had been some heavy rain so it was great to have the waterfalls flowing.

I always like to have some craft to do on holiday and this time decided to try some hand stitching and managed these hexagons-who knows what they will end up being.

Now that I am back home , and to not such pleasant weather, it is time to get into the sewing room again. It always takes me awhile to get back into the swing of life after a holiday so I decided to just continue with some string blocks as a start.

To sash or not to sash is the question-opinions welcome!

Then it is onto another elephant quilt request-this is for one of the woman I work with who is about to become a grandma for the first time. She saw the first one of this design I made-
but thought the colours were too dull. She loves brights! So I took in some samples of fabric for the elephant that I thought would work (all from my stash) and this is what she chose.

Now that I see this photo I need to add another feather in the space in the upper right corner by the green feather as that looks like too much white space. Then it is on to the borders and the quilting.

Thanks for visiting and all comments welcome.