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Tuesday, January 1, 2013



Wishing everyone a very Happy New Year, a year full of creativity, good health and much happiness.
 I have been a non existent blogger for the last year particularly, but I have a goal to change that for 2013 (it is already New Years Day here so I'm starting). Not blogging does not mean that I have not been at my sewing machine but rather than look back over the last year I am looking forward to future creations. I have certainly spent alot of time visiting blogland and enjoying the amazing creativity of people- i need a daily fix of all the inspiration.
2012 saw me go to the Machine Quilters Festival in Adelaide Australia and how incredibly amazing that was. The talent, inspiration and skills of the tutors was incredible and I had a fantastic time, learning meeting new people and coming away with the courage to start using my longarm more.I have a sister who lives in Adelaide and so I enjoyed a two week holiday at the same time.
2013 is going to be a changing year for me. For those of you reading this who do not know, I am a midwife and feel very priviledged to be part of the most amazing experience in peoples lives- that is the birth of a child. However, after nearly three years in my present job, which I have to say has been the job I have least enjoyed in all my working life, I have resigned and work my last day on Friday. While I have had a great team of managers to work for, the health board is restructuring and they have all had their positions disestablished and will be leaving. I do not think the new structure will be a positive change for the unit I was leading, so I took the leap and will be unemployed until I decide where to go next-I have the freedom to go wherever a job is so am blessed in that way. I miss blue sky and sunshine, and need more of it than what I get here.
While living here I have become a keen golfer and although would not rate myself as anything but a beginner I play with a wonderful group of women and we have alot of laughs together, and it has been a good release to whack that ball.I am improving, albeit slowly, and Santa was kind enough to buy me a new set of golf clubs, so there is hope yet!!!
 A few weekends ago we went up to picturesque Queenstown for a golfing weekend and played one of the most challenging course but what alot of fun-
and look at that spectacular scenery.
I came across this saying on a blog a couple of years ago nd just love it-
'Whatever you do on New Years Day you do for the rest of the year'.
So what did you get up to?
This is what I have been doing a rainy, cold 'summers' New Years Day.
Pillowcases for a litlle girls birthday being guarded by the Cat police with a don't mess with me look!

Two Swoon Blocks to join the one I made nearly a year ago. it wasn't til I finished the block that I realised I had the spotted and solid fabrics the opposite way to to the first block so will do some each way and see how it looks in the end.
 Well now that the rain has stopped for awhile it is time to get some fresh air and go down to the golf course to see how the new clubs go.          
Thank you to those who stop by, I love getting comments and look forward to getting to know you all  in 2013.