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Saturday, November 15, 2014

Returning Yet Again

I need to schedule a day in the week that I post as one week morphs into the next and then it continues with nothing written.
I am not that productive in my sewing room but considering my stash I should be pumping out the projects. Instead I have been working more hours (in my paid job as a midwife), working outside in the garden and painting the fences, and holidaying to Brisbane where I have family.
So what do I have to show-
Here is the finished Scattered Pinwheels quilt that is yet to find a home but will probably be donated to a charity. Don't look too closely as the design is not uniform-made it up as I went along and forgot what I was doing a few times.
Closer look at the quilting.

Then I moved onto a smaller project using a charm pack I had had for a few years and wanted to make a design with HST's.
On the design wall and I was liking how it had turned out.

I decided to quilt it with organic wavy lines and still liked it-until  I added the binding.!! I decided to try machine attaching the binding (for the first time) and it seemed to make the quilt no longer sit flat and I didn't like the stitching not being perfect on the back Anyone do machine binding that can give me tips that will help me!!
Last week we had the Festival of Quilts Show in Auckland. This is the big show of the year and this year I met up with a blogging friend who I had never met in person and we had a great day, even though our tastes were different. New Zealand bloggers-maybe we should plan a bloggers get together next year like our Australian friends do at the quilt fairs????
I was pleased to see this year that there were a good showing of modern quilts so here is some eye candy from the show-

                                                               Road Block by Annie Whyte

                                                                  Modern Quilt Display

                                                        Pacific Pathway by Donna Ward

                                                          Zigs and Zags by Helen Hanford
Apologies to the quilt makers that I have not given credit to but I didn't get a photo of the credits. Congratulations to all the ribbon winners. Lots of inspiration for sure and boy was it crowded. I'm sure everyone had a great time at the show.

Hope you are all still out there.
Happy quilting