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Friday, December 25, 2009

Advent Swap Parcel Opened

Merry Christmas Morning to you all.
It is very quiet here at the moment, the only noise is the birds, which is lovely. There are very few children who live close by so the older ones are obviously still in bed.
I couldn't wait to open my Advent Swap parcel and here is what I got-

A lovely little hand quilted mat,a cellphone bag, some fabric and a chocolate angel-how long will she last???
Thank you Sigrid and thank you to Jo and Fiona for orgaising this swap. It has been alot of fun.
This is what is sitting outside my door at the moment

Rainbow lorikeets. Very pretty little parrots.
Have a great day everyone.

Thursday, December 24, 2009


I want to wish you all a safe and Happy Christmas. This, my first year of blogging , has been a wonderful experience of meeting so many amazing people that I look for to continued friendships and learning new skills along the way. Whatever you are doing over the festive season I hope you enjoy the spirit of the season.
I am working all over the Christmas season so the celebrations at home will be quiet. At least I work in the Maternity unit so it is a happy place to be as families celebrate the birth of a new little one.

Two days ago I decided that my brother in law did not have a decent Christmas stocking so I would make him one and this morning I actually finished it so am very pleased. It is a pattern from a Handmade magazine a couple of years ago and I have made a few now adding a machine embroidered name on them. This is thefirsttime I have worked it out first time with no unpicking so am rapt. Hope he likes it.

The next one I make will be for myself-my sister and I were just laughing as my stocking this year is a Christmas paper gift bag. A couple of years ago my nephew bought a very cheap ($1 or thereabouts) stocking from a bargain shop and hand embroidered my name on it. Bit of a joke really but it is a treasure and I love it -where is it at the moment??I don't know and haven't got time to look unfortunately.

When we wake up tomorrow the man in the red suit will have been and left us goodies to open-that is if you have been good this year of course!! It also means we get to open the hand made gift of our Advent Swap-who has cheated already? This swap has been alot of fun and I hope we do it all again next year.
Here are some more of my lovely gifts I received from Sigrid.

Sunday, December 20, 2009

Micki's Giveaway


 Micki over at Irish Muses is having the most amazing giveaway. If you haven't already met her she is the most wonderful person so pop over and meet her and enter.

Sunday, December 13, 2009

What a Week

 For my new part time job I have decided to get the bus as it is easy from my place and gives me a twenty minute walk along the river to the hospital at the other end so ticks the exercise box as well as helping reduce carbon emission. All well and good if the buses turn up!! On Thursday we finished a bit early and thought it was strange the wait for the bus was longer than usual and then the announcement came the buses for our area were on strike - no warning. So not being a frequent user how to get home? Eventually worked out where to get a bus to the next suburb and walked an hour home from there and in the end it was pleasant as I met a Vietnamese lady who I walked with and had a great chat so time passed quickly. As we were close to home we saw the buses go past again even though they said they would not be back on again that day.
I did brave them the next day and there were no problems so will continue to do so.
It's 26 degrees Celsius and 76% humidity at 7 o'clock in the morning and they said it was going to be cooler today-I don't think so. It only goes down to about 24 overnight so very hard to sleep unless you have the air conditioning on all night which I don't like to do. At least I am on Night Duty tonight so will be cooler, but will have the heat to sleep in tomorrow.
Enjoy the snow everyone that has it. I am really enjoying all the photographs of the amazing snowfalls on blogs I visit- it really looks incredible so keep safe everyone who is out in it.
Another week of opening Advent presents has passed-it will be sad when it's over and there are no little parcels to rush and open in the morning. Here is what unfolded over the last few days-

There is a gorgeous cat panel that will look great as a cushion,a lapel pin of the German quilting guild, more marzipan (yum), some beautiful variegated embroidery floss, and the cutest owl keyring that is handmade. This is so much fun.
A few weeks ago I left a comment on Renes blog and won a prize which was a total surprise as I didn't know she was having a giveaway. Well after a sad day at work on Friday I was so happy to see a parcel on my doorstep and this is what was inside-

Some adorable Moda Aunt Purdy's Parlor squares,some I Spy fabrics as Rene had seen I like to make I Spy quilts and some gorgeous cards with renes photography on them. I am just blown away by her generosity. Thank you so much Rene you are a darling.

As well some sewing I have been  painting my lounge-who would do that at the beginning of Summer in Queensland?? I had the fan blasting on me while I was painting and did manage to get alot done and am happy with the result thus far.
I have managed to sew two more blocks for my pink quilt so am slowing getting ther with this one-

Off to do more painting and sewing. Hope you are not going too crazy with Christmas preparations.

Sunday, December 6, 2009

Well no sewing getting done here at the moment. I have started a new part time job-so that's two now-and I am juggling two rosters and it is more tricky than what I thought it would be. It should get easier to manage but at the moment it seems like I am at work all the time. Have to remember which hospital I am off to each day-wonder how long it will be before I go to th wrong one!!
This week the postie visited again-it's so good to get home and see a package on the doorstep. My Stitchers Angel parcel arivved - Jeanette and I decided our parcels were holidaying together somewhere as they have taken so long to arrive. My parcel arrived all the way from the Netherlands -from Sabine. Thank you so much Sabine.

There is a wonderful teacloth with the beautiful rose appliqued on, a handmade bookmark, a lovely little rose magnet and some 'Winter Thee' tea bags and the gorgeous red rose fabric bag that I wish you could all smell. It has a bag of the most wonderful smelling pot pourri in it that fills the room with a delightful scent. Sabine has done a wonderful job with these gifts so thank you so much. I'm not sure if she has a blog or not.
Then also in the parcel were these-

A delightful potholder with symbols of the Netherlands which looks great in my kitchen and a fabric panel. So I am very lucky and it was worth the wait.
Of course it is December and the fun has started of opening the Advent Swap little treasures. My partner is Sigrid in Germany and she has sent me some lovely things.

My little gifts are all in a numbered bag and sit in this basket the Sigrid has made.She also included a letter to be opened on the 1st Dec and it explains the Christmas traditions in Germany and the story of Saint Nikolaus-what a wonderful idea to include this.
So today is Saint Nickolaus day-the 6th Dec. Happy Saint Nikolaus day Sigrid, and all others that celebrate.
Here are my gifts so far-

First was an egg cup-isn't that cute? Then a lovely little Christmas decoration and then the most amazing thread. It doesn't show up in the photo but the thread is a Sulky and is two toned and has the most amazing shimmer to it. It is a Rayon that will be brilliant for my machine embroidery.


Next was this Marzipan lobster-marzipan is a big thing in Germany and I hope you don't mind Sigrid but I gave it to my brother-in-law(German) as it is his birthday. I know you will understand his delight with it, even if others don't! Yesterday was a thimble-isn't it lovely?
Then today on Saint Nikolaus I opened this delightful tin and in it was a Special Little Angel which I think is amber. It is just so gorgeous and the photo does not do it justice. Sigrid thank you it will always remind me of you .

So this swap is alot of fun and I hope everyone is enjoying opening their gifts each day.

My sister and brother in law that I visited in Vietnam have returned to Brisbane and we are off to the local farmers market this morning and then to friends for morning tea. Maybe I will get some sewing done this afternoon-probably my Joseph's Coat as the Australian Golf Open is on TV and is good viewing.
Have a lovely day everyone.