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Sunday, December 6, 2009

Well no sewing getting done here at the moment. I have started a new part time job-so that's two now-and I am juggling two rosters and it is more tricky than what I thought it would be. It should get easier to manage but at the moment it seems like I am at work all the time. Have to remember which hospital I am off to each day-wonder how long it will be before I go to th wrong one!!
This week the postie visited again-it's so good to get home and see a package on the doorstep. My Stitchers Angel parcel arivved - Jeanette and I decided our parcels were holidaying together somewhere as they have taken so long to arrive. My parcel arrived all the way from the Netherlands -from Sabine. Thank you so much Sabine.

There is a wonderful teacloth with the beautiful rose appliqued on, a handmade bookmark, a lovely little rose magnet and some 'Winter Thee' tea bags and the gorgeous red rose fabric bag that I wish you could all smell. It has a bag of the most wonderful smelling pot pourri in it that fills the room with a delightful scent. Sabine has done a wonderful job with these gifts so thank you so much. I'm not sure if she has a blog or not.
Then also in the parcel were these-

A delightful potholder with symbols of the Netherlands which looks great in my kitchen and a fabric panel. So I am very lucky and it was worth the wait.
Of course it is December and the fun has started of opening the Advent Swap little treasures. My partner is Sigrid in Germany and she has sent me some lovely things.

My little gifts are all in a numbered bag and sit in this basket the Sigrid has made.She also included a letter to be opened on the 1st Dec and it explains the Christmas traditions in Germany and the story of Saint Nikolaus-what a wonderful idea to include this.
So today is Saint Nickolaus day-the 6th Dec. Happy Saint Nikolaus day Sigrid, and all others that celebrate.
Here are my gifts so far-

First was an egg cup-isn't that cute? Then a lovely little Christmas decoration and then the most amazing thread. It doesn't show up in the photo but the thread is a Sulky and is two toned and has the most amazing shimmer to it. It is a Rayon that will be brilliant for my machine embroidery.


Next was this Marzipan lobster-marzipan is a big thing in Germany and I hope you don't mind Sigrid but I gave it to my brother-in-law(German) as it is his birthday. I know you will understand his delight with it, even if others don't! Yesterday was a thimble-isn't it lovely?
Then today on Saint Nikolaus I opened this delightful tin and in it was a Special Little Angel which I think is amber. It is just so gorgeous and the photo does not do it justice. Sigrid thank you it will always remind me of you .

So this swap is alot of fun and I hope everyone is enjoying opening their gifts each day.

My sister and brother in law that I visited in Vietnam have returned to Brisbane and we are off to the local farmers market this morning and then to friends for morning tea. Maybe I will get some sewing done this afternoon-probably my Joseph's Coat as the Australian Golf Open is on TV and is good viewing.
Have a lovely day everyone.


  1. Hi are a busy girl! I am juggling 3 PT buttiring too! Look after yourself. All your pressies look wonderful!

  2. Oy! You are TOO busy ... hope you are enjoying what you are doing!

    TTFN ~Marydon
    Join me @ our new blog ~

  3. isn't this just too exciting, blog hopping and seeing what everyone is getting in all their swaps, bloggers are just too generous and kind to each other! Enjoy your gifts Marls, and I hope that the day does not come where you turn up to the wrong hospital...

  4. I'm very glad it arrived at last :-)
    Have fun with it all!

    Regards, Sabine

  5. Marls, what fun treats to open each day!!! Sounds like a great group to be involved with. Good luck with juggling the two jobs and other activities. Have a great day!!


  6. I have really enjoyed the Advent swap too...Your gifts are lovely! Enjoy the holiday fun!

  7. Wow you have received some truly gorgeous things. Isn't this advent swap fun!!! I'm like a little kid every morning.. my teenage sons think I've gone mad (nothing new). Hope you don't go to the wrong hospital!!!!


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