OMG Finishes

Sunday, February 28, 2010


Firstly thank you to everyone who left comments on my last post-your best wishes were greatly appreciated. I am sorry I have not had time to answer you all but as you can imagine life is a little hectic here.
The good news is I have a contract on my house and providing all is well with the building inspection tomorrow the sale settles on the 24th March. I am so glad that it only took two Open Homes as keeping the place like a show home was a little tedious. No sewing as yet but maybe this week.
I have a friend from NZ staying the weekend so we are off to the markets today if it doesn't rain. She arrived yesterday and it rained the whole day, so so much for the Sunshine State. She nearly missed her plane, as when she went to check in she had her South African passport(which would've required a visa) rather than her NZ passport. It was a very unlawful speed back home to get the right passport and by the time she returned the plane was ready for take off, so she was escorted onto the plane. I know I nearly missed my plane in NZ but at least I wasn't escorted on as 'that person everyone is waiting for'. Her flight was via Sydney and half the plane had their luggage left in Sydney as 'the carousel broke'. It was supposed to be delivered here between 6.30-9.30pm last night but by 10pm there was no word so it was off to bed. At quarter to 1 this morning the bell goes and it's the suitcase -the van delivering the cases had broken down hence the delay!! Lets hope today is a better one.
At least these beautiful creatures graced the garden last evening for us.
Have a good day.

Thursday, February 18, 2010

Still Here

Yesterday was the first day I have turned the sewing machine on in weeks and it still purrs beautifully. Although the machine is still on the table the rest of the sewing room is packed away and with the house now on the market the room has to stay spotless. I am not a tidy person in the sewing room so it is better not to enter!!
However the postie delivered Block 5 of Sue Ross BOM and I thought well that won't make alot of mess so I couldn't resist,even though I haven't finished Block 3 or 4 yet.
The Prickly Pear Block with these great fabrics. So I set to and cut the fabrics before going to work yesterday afternoon and this morning it is finished and I love it. It has been the easiest block so far in this BOM and can together so quickly. There are not even any threads on the floor which has to be a first!!
The photo is a bit crooked and the colours in reality are a bit brighter but I do love it.
 The sewing room is back to it's tidy state so I have to stay out- at least til after open home on Saturday.
I am over tidying,cleaning,sorting, making trips to the tip and keeping everything like a showhome at all times. The house has been on the market for the sum total of 10 days and I am over it already so I hope it sells quickly-got to be realistic I know.
The moving company are coming this morning to do a pre move survey-I am getting them to do the majority of the packing so at least I don't have to stress about that. Then once they have been it's out to do the lawns which decided with all the rain this week that they would grow tenfold.
Am enjoying reading all the blogs and getting my buzz from seeing all the wondeerful projects that are going on.
Have a great sewing day.

OOps just noticed that I have sewn the top row on the wrong way -so Chris it's not perfect unfortunately!!
Off now to fix it.