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Wednesday, January 6, 2016

Welcome to 2016.

Well we are nearly at the end of the first week now so it is time to finish this post and publish it.. I worked both New Years Eve day and New Years Day so not really a lot of celebrating went on-except of course the excitement of welcoming new babies into the world.

This photo and quote was shared to my facebook page and I just love it so thought I would it for my words for this year!! We say at work we are all a bit crazy and if we didn't laugh we would cry so I think this fits.
                                                                 AARP Illinois's Photo

So I know I haven't been here much, but I am hoping that 2016 sees me get motivated to blog on a regular basis.
Today I finished and loaded a baby quilt on the longarm- good practice and I have a few to make for colleagues at work.
                                                               Swirls in the orange strips
                                                             Figure eights in the blue strips
Liking the look of this so far.

In my absence I have been dipping my feet into quilting for others and am hopefully going to continue to do so.
First up were two quilts that Lynda made-she is a fairly new piecer and has a pile of tops at home waiting to be quilted.

She cannot remember the name of this quilt but thinks it came from a book she got out from the library.
She chose the Panto Square Spiral by Kerryn Emmerson and has a polyester batting that really gave it the puff she likes.
Quilted with Glide German Granit
Her second quilt was very different and made in a Craftsy Class. She said I could quilt this how I wanted so I angst over what I would do then went for it with a lot of ruler work. In the border I used a design from a tutorial on Kathy's blog-Tamarack Shack
                                                               (Not a good photo I know)
Again Glide thread in Aqua, purple and black.
Lynda was pleased with both quilts so that was a relief.

The next one I did I did not meet the lady but was given the quilt by a third person and I do not have permission to post any photos.
However Jenny was quite happy for me to share photos of her first quilt she has made-she made placemats for her grandchildren for Christmas but is a new quilter.
She chose the Ripple Panto by Lorien and a light blue thread.
A lot of the seams are not straight so it did pose a bit of a challenge but in the end it worked out ok.
The batting she bought felt like a cotton and was very thin so gave the quilt a flat look which Jenny did not really like the finished look of but liked the quilting I had done.
So that's it for now until the next post.

I don't know why the grey has appeared as a background on some of the writing????

Happy Quilting


  1. Lovely work Marlene. You have clicked on the background colour option at the top of the post that's why it's grey. When you go to write your post... look at the top and you will see all the options you can choose to change the font, size, colour of font etc. Hover over the second colour one (on the right) and it will show up all the background colours you can choose), choose white again. I hope you can work it out.

  2. I just put a photo on my blog showing you.

  3. Your quilting is beautiful! I especially love all that ruler work.


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