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Saturday, November 7, 2009

Bits and Pieces

Where did the last week go? I have been on Night Duty so it’s hard to even keep track of what day it is. I have just been to the Post Office to post my Advent Swap off to Germany-watch out for the postie Sigrid.

I must’ve been half asleep when I decided to sign up to participate in making Josephs Coat that Kellie is hosting  at Don’t Look Now. As if I haven’t got enough projects in the sewing room but this quilt looks brilliant so I couldn’t resist.

josephs coatI am intending to use what is in the stash so we will see how we go. Janet over at Quiltsalott has chosen her fabrics and they look great. I had also thought a blue theme may deplete the stash a little!!

I have managed a little stitching this past week some of which I can show.

SANY0748 This is a doorstop I made using the pattern by Vicki over at  Among the Gum Trees . This was so easy to make and as I have an African theme in my lounge I decided to go for that look and it is sitting proudly at my front door.. These are so easy to make and I will be making more for sure.. I sprinkled aromatherapy oil onto the filling so I have a lovely scent wafting through the house.

SANY0749 This pink log cabin block is the start of what will be a pink version of A Patch of Blue by June Gilchrist and Therese Hylton, that was first published in 2001. It appeared again in Cover Quilts No 1 published by Australian Patchwork and Quilting last year. This is going to be for my nieces daughter. I made her older sister a purple one a few years ago and have had the pink fabrics for some time and now the call has come out-when am I getting my pink one? I love that children say it as it is.  Can I get it done by January when I take a trip back to NZ? The challenge is on!



Check out this giveaway that Kelly is having over at I have a Notion .A wonderful autographed book on Thread Work.

Happy Stitching everyone.


  1. Oh, Marls - I am so tempted, too - good luck, I think I'll have to give it a miss and it is so beautiful!
    Hugs - Lurline♥

  2. The Joseph's coat pattern is a nice one. Looks like it would take me quite some time to finish that one. I like how you did the door stop with the lion on the front of it.

  3. Hi Marls...I wasn't doing night shift so what is my excuse...LOL! I signed up with Kellie too for the Joseph quilt...I am happy just making a cushion though. It is gorgeous!
    Love your doorstop!

  4. Wow Marls, you do have a lot going, great post. I've joined the quiltalong too, and I think we are in for a long haul, it just looks fabulous doesn't it? Haven't chosen my colours yet either xo

  5. Love the door stop. I saw those at several places while I was traveling in AU. So neat :)


  6. I am tempted too, but won't there are so many things on my list already. Have fun and thank you for sharing your pictures.


  7. The pink Josephs Coat looks great and I think you will enjoy it. Good luck and have fun - Hugs Natima

  8. I can't believe I'm starting a Joseph's Coat, too. Sometimes I need someone to save me from myself! But it's so pretty....

  9. I love the Josephs Coat Pattern! I've thought of making a scrappy one to have as a project on the go. I love hand piecing!

    The Log Cabin looks beautiful too! Very nice work!

  10. Hi Marls, I'm tempted about Joseph's Coat but i'd better refrain. :) Love your doorstop. Hugs, Jeanette

  11. Hi Maris,

    Thanks for you comment... and now you are following me... Just been reading your blog, I LOVE what you have been making.

    Sandy N

  12. You have some lovely work here, i really like your colour combinations. And thanks for the comment on my knitted blanket wrap for the fistula hospital. It's good to get support from someone new.

  13. Good luck with the Josephs Coat. I saw that and had a reality check and did not sign up for it. I've read all the instructions so far....maybe a wall hanging? So many projects, so few sewing hours in the day!

  14. that is such a beautiful quilt Marls, I am so sure it will lovely in pinks too! well done..

  15. Very your version of the door stop...

  16. Marls, I made that blue quilt a few years ago and last week gave it to my DGD who turned 21, there is fabric in the quilt from a dress I had made her when she was 5.. so that quilt is special for her, she loves it!
    It will be beautiful in pink..
    Julia ♥

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