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Sunday, November 1, 2009

Christmas Sack

It has been a busy week but not in the sewing room. Work has been very busy and I also had a midwifery conference to attend for two days which was very inspirational and rejuvenating. I also had an interview for a new job but they have been slow to respond through the whole process so don’t expect to hear too soon.

This morning it was up early and my nephew and I were off to the local Farmers Market which is on the first Sunday of the month. It was very busy but great atmosphere-they close off a street in a shopping area and the stalls are all set up down both sides of the road. As well as doing lots of tasting we stocked up on marinated olives and  feta cheese; herbs to plant in the garden, fruit and vegetables, natural honey and I got my scissors sharpened.

I have managed to make a Christmas sack using a pattern by Natalie Ross. I altered it in that I machine embroidered my Christmas tree using a design by Julie Hall. It pays to read instructions carefully as one of the cutting measurements was nearly two inches short,but luckily I realised that before I cut the material.  I love the finished product but it is smaller than I had thought it would be so I am making a bigger one now.


Sue Ross BOM block 4 will not be far away so can’t wait to see what challenges that will bring. Have a good week everyone.


  1. Yikes! You have reminded me that I am falling behind with Sue Ross! I'd better get going on that today. I can't believe November has arrived!

  2. Very cute little bag and the Christmas tree you used it so cute. I like the shape of it.

  3. A really cute little sack, Marls! I haven't done my lst BOM, so I'm really behind!
    Hugs - Lurline♥

  4. What a lovely little Xmas bag, reminds me to get organised with some Chrissy stuff

  5. Cute bag...we are all anticipating Block 4!

  6. Marls, the wee sack is gorgeous especially the tree design on the front.

  7. Love your Christmas sack! I haven't started any Christmas projects, yet.

    Happy sewing!


  8. Oh, to be on the other side of the world -- we just had our *last* farmer's market of the season, and I miss it already! That's a very cute Christmas sack. I've made a few myself, but they are not so elegant. You've inspired me to try harder!

  9. That is so cute, oh gosh christmas is not far off.


  10. that is so pretty, really puts you in the christmas mood!


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