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Sunday, November 15, 2009

Another Week

Where are the weeks going? I have been on Night Duty again this week so the poor body clock doesn't know where it is. I haven't achieved alot in the sewing room as the Australian Golf Masters is on so I have been glued to the TV. Unfortunately I will miss the last round today as it is off to work soon Hopefully it will be quiet enough to catch a bit of the action.
I have decided on my colour scheme for Joseph's Coat -I am going to use a black background and Kiwi prints that I think will turn out ok. This is placed but not sewn as yet.

The other thing I have achieved is that I have made the top row of log cabin blocks,and one of the bunny blocks for the pink quilt shown in the previous post-looking cute.

 Then the mail man delivered Block 4 of the Sue Ross BOM. This one is called Arrowheads and has alot of set in seams so may be a bit of a challenge. The fabrics look good this month so that will be the project to complete this week.

Thought I would also show you what we had for dinner last night.
The easiest pizza ever.

Spread a pizza base with pesto (homemade tastes better than the jar variety), top with sweet chilli prawns (or whatever flavour you choose). Bake and then top with rocket and eat-it is divine.

Hope you are all having fun with stitching. Have a good week.


  1. Oh Marls I'm really glad you are joining the Jacobs Coat quilalong, your colours are beautiful, especially on the black background. I havn't started block 4 of sue ross yet, hopefully soon, I haven't done set in seams before. I love the look of that pizza, thanks for the recipe will definately try it xo

  2. Hi Marls, love the colour scheme you've chosen for Jacob's Coat. Your rabbit looks cute. hugs, Jeanette

  3. What a great colour for you Jacobs Coat. You must have been glad you joined. Great choice using the black background - Have fun - Hugs Natima

  4. Hi,

    and when do yo sleep?
    I love the colours for your Jacobs Coat.

  5. Hi Marls...what wonderful colours for your Joseph's coat...and that bunny is so cute...Thank you for the pizza recipe...we tend to have pizza on Friday nights♥x

  6. Your bunny is so very cute and I like the colors for your Joseph's coat quilt.

  7. Your Jacob quilt looks great...not sure what I am doing with it yet. I really like your NZ prints. The bunny is sweet! I need to start the Sue Ross BOM this week too...set in seams aren't hard, the instructions are pretty clear.
    Have fun!

  8. WOW... I just love all your latest works!

  9. I love your little bunny block. It would be perfect for a baby quilt. Can't wait to see block 4 of your Sue Ross BOM. So far, they've had some interesting fabric choices so it will be nice to see how this month's fabric looks once sewn into the block. Your pizza looks yummy. What is Rocket?

  10. Awesome -- your colors for the Joseph's coat quilt are really different (especially the black background). I love seeing all the creativity!

  11. The block is just awesome! The colours are dazzling!

  12. I love the look of your Joseph's Coat fabrics. It's great to see a dark background. Dare I say i haven't even started :) I had a dud compass so have had to wait to buy a better one and since then....distractions that have kept me out of the sewing room.
    Thanks for encouraging my fabric shopping addiction.

  13. Marlene, I just saw your Joseph's Coat Quilt Along block, and wanted you to know I think it's lovely colors. Great idea to use NZ prints. Funny, but my JCQA background fabric is a white-on-white kiwi print... of Maori tatoos. Found it at Craft Depot in Pennant Hills, and HAD to buy it as a remembrance of time spent in Sydney. (I've been to the south island of NZ too). So, you and I will both have a "touch of kiwi" in our quilts!


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