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Sunday, November 22, 2009

Postie Visits

Some weeks my roster at work is such that I get little time to be in my sewing room and this past week has been one of those.Then when I have today off it is so hot that it's a bit uncomfortable to be sewing. They say it has been 28degrees but the neighbours thermometer says 36 and that is what it feels like. The poor cat is lying under two fans panting-no air conditioning in this house-YET!
I have been attempting my Sue Ross BOM which has alot of set in seams and I think I have done more unpicking than anything else!!
One thing I have achieved is another bunny block which is cute

I have been keeping the postie busy this week.
First came my box from my Advent Swapper Sigrid who lives in Germany so that was very exciting. I knew she had posted it but you never know whether things are gong to arrive or not.
 So when I saw this on my doorstep I was pretty excited. I have resisted the temptation to open the box and hopefully can wait until the 1st Dec.
I then received my parcel in the Quick Christmas swap where I was partnered with Sandi. there was no stitching involved in this swap organised by Jenny.Thank you Jenny. There was no stitching involved in this swap,you just had to send two Christmas fat quarters, a metre of ribbon and two buttons or decoration. This is what I received from Sandi-the fat quarters are just so divine.And look at those lovely Christmas baubles.It is great when you enter these swaps to be partnered with someone new and be able to make new blogging friends.

I am however still waiting for my parcel from my Stitchers Angel Swap. My partner emailed at the end of October to say she had posted it but I think it is going round and round the world.!
I also got another big box delivered that I was excited to see as I did have grave doubts if I would see it again and that is the Queen size quilt that I bought when I was in Vietnam. They had said it would take at least three months to arrive so I wasn't expecting it until about Xmas time so am delighted it is here safe and sound.

If were not  reading my blog in September then that is where the entry is regarding this quilt and where you can find the story of the group of women who make them if you are interested.

Then the other exciting news this week was I won a giveaway, and was totally unaware it was happening. I enjoy visitng Rene over at her blog-she has a great blog that includes not only her quilting ventures but she also loves photgraphy so has some stunning shots there as well. If you haven't visited pop on over.
It was her 50th post and I left a comment, then the next day she said she had prevously decided to have a giveaway for all that had left a comment, but hadn't announced it. Great way for I giveaway I think. Don't know what it is yet but she will post it after Thanksgiving.

Well that was my week. Hopefully I can get some stitching done tomorrow and post my achievements.
For those of you experiencing high temperatures I hope it cools down soon, and for those of you wxperiencing the cold keep warm and I hope winter isn't too bad.


  1. I love your bunny rabbit, and i hope that your parcel arrives soon!

  2. The bunny is so cute. I'm still waiting on my Angel parcel too. Told it was posted Oct 29th so maybe your parcel & mine are off holidaying together.:) Hugs, Jeanette

  3. Isn't it exciting to receive parcels!!! Congrats on your win...that must have been so much fun not knowing at the time...It's been hot here it was off for my first swim of the Season today...Have a great week♥x

  4. Hi Marls...hope it has cooled down & your roster is allowing some stitching time! Lots of lovely goodies at your the Vietnam quilt, my DH called in there recently as I had told him about your blog...he said the quilts were great!


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