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Sunday, August 9, 2009

Sunny Sunday

The Angels are finished and it is now just the borders and the top is finished. I am off to work soon so it is going to have to wait.

Of course now that that one is nearly finished I had to start another one-as though I haven't got enough on the go. Out of my cupboard came this kit I bought some time ago. I have a love of things African so couldn't resist this one from The Quilters and Embroidery Store.

I love pansies and these ones have survived the possums visiting. I planted some coriander and parsley away from where the CD's are hanging and they have gone but those around where the CD's are are still growing so looks like it is working. I may finally have a garden with plants in it.

Well off to work now. Hope you are all having a good weekend.


  1. Nice pansies. I love the colour, deep red with yellow center!!!

  2. I love pansies too...they don't do too well at my place..
    Angel quilt is looking good!
    Julia ♥

  3. The pics of the flowers are just so lovely!

  4. OK, another gorgeous one... the angels one ... I love it too! I love how it's balanced.


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