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Wednesday, August 12, 2009

New Project

In the mail has arrived my first block for MO’s Sue Ross’s BOM..Whirly Gig which I am doing in the Contemporary colourway. It is so exciting but a bit out of my comfort zone so will be a challenge. I may do a practice block before the real thing.


As I was driving to work yesterday I noticed the people down the road had put an eyecatching addition to their garden wall and I had to stop and take a photo. Quilt design?


This Queen loves the sun and also loves to sit as though she is in an armchair- has always done this even before she became a little porky.


It’s a holiday here in Brisbane today for Ekka showday. I still do not understand why we need a Public holiday for a show. It is a big paying day if you work so alot of people request to work. I was not one of those so have a day of sewing and golf ahead.

Hope you all have a good one.


  1. That new project is exciting! I love the fabric. Quilt patters are all around us when we are looking. Thanks for sharing

  2. Glad you showed your fabrics...they are Bright compared to my Pretty....know what you mean about the Challenge...hope to tackle mine on the weekend...need to keep quilting my UFO's
    Glad you signed up for the Blog...

  3. Moin Marlene,
    what a wonderful BOM to start. I like it. And I love the fabrics.

  4. I have seen those wall things here too. they are neat. And that new block .. round one.. sure looks like a tricky little bugger! Hope it isn't as hard as it looks!

  5. The new project looks so exciting! Also that pic you took...a definite quilt block pattern.


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