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Friday, August 14, 2009

What a Day!



Well here is my practice block of the Sue Ross BOM ready to be stitched onto the background. .  The whirligig is going in the wrong direction but I’m not worrying about that - will fix it on the real block. A few imperfections for sure but all learning. I have to say I did this on the machine and not hand pieced so was pleased with how it turned out. It is going to be a challenging project that’s for sure.

SANY0355 SANY0351

  It was a very exciting day for me on the golf course today. For those who understand,or play the game, I finally got an elusive birdie and on  a Par 4. It is a hole I don’t usually do well on so was sooo… excited. Here is the ball ion the green for 2 and then it was a little putt in. Just look at the colour of the sky and it is winter.

I was just playing on my own(my playing partners are away) so there was no one to yell and scream with. I had to hold the camera and take my own photo – sad I know, but wanted to capture the moment!!


Isn’t this so cute. This is what we have to view on the course. Someone forgot to tell mum and dad that it’s winter and ducklings aren’t supposed to be born yet. I couldn’t get a great photo as mum and dad were being very protective.

For me it is off to work for the weekend but hopefully will get a bit of sewing done. Hope you all have a great weekend whatever you do.


  1. I don't understand golf, but it looks like you did really well!...good for you!
    I love your practice block, I would never know it's going the wrong way..
    Julia ♥

  2. Your practice block looks great - oh, I'm a bit nervous - starting mine today! No practice run for me - waste of time - maybe I will have to eat those words! Lovely to have enjoyed your golf!
    Hugs - Lurline♥

  3. I Understand Golf ...Good on You...well done..& don't blame you for taking your piccie...
    Your block looks Great...I wouldn't worry if the whirlyies are going the other way that makes your block your own...

  4. That is an awesome block... and golf! Yep, not one of my most favourite sports I must admit. Well done on the 'birdie' though!
    Winter in Aussy ... Pfffft.. it hardly gets that cold where you are mate! Come over the ditch, then you will be cold!

  5. The block is so pretty and I am glad that you enjoyed the golf>

  6. I love your practice block - I have made that design before - your quilt will look gorgeous in those coloured fabrics.


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