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Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Plants Still There

Just a quick note to say the plants are still in the garden however it was like Possum Party last night. I think they thought the CD’s meant there was a party in the garden!!

Two of them arrived early in the evening and one decided to stay on in the tree making the most hideous noise until about 11 o’clock-I think it got scared to actually leave the tree. 

As I live in a complex I think I will just hide from my two neighbours who would’ve been driven mad. Luckily it’s off to work for me so little contact will be made.


  1. That might be the anwser, a DCs for a possum!!! Try and put some CDs on the tree you might stop them coming all together.

  2. Little Devils!
    Hugs - Lurline♥

  3. What a clever idea - we have noisy cuckatoos who like to eat our olives off the trees. Perhaps I should try the CD strategy.

  4. I never saw a possum, so i would have enjoyed that...the noise maybe no.

  5. They can get into roofs and cause a lot of damage..hope they have gone by now..
    We have old CD's hanging under our patio to stop little birds nesting on the beams and leaving their droppings everywhere!
    Julia ♥


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