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Sunday, July 26, 2009

Ups and Downs

Well no sewing done here over the last few days.  On Friday my nephew and I went down to Fortitude Valley which is the Chinatown of the city and stocked up on Asian Pantry items. There is the most amazing Indian Spice shop there and the spices are so cheap. It is worth a visit just to experience the atmosphere of the shop with Indian music playing and the level of chatter among the family who run the shop.
While in the Valley we enjoyed a Yum Cha meal at one of the Chinese Restaurants.

We were fascinated by this jelly, which is layered in different colours. How it is made still puzzles me but it would’ve made a great challenge on Masterchef!!

SANY0303 Isn’t it great that a 20 year old is very happy to spend the day with his Aunty? His parents are currently working in Vietnam but he has remained in their house with a flatmate,and is in the same complex as I live.

Unfortunately our day was shattered when I got a call in the early evening to say that my brother, who also lives here in Brisbane, has been diagnosed with leukaemia. He has not been ill and it was picked up on a routine blood test that he had for his high blood pressure,so all a total shock,and everyone is still trying to get their heads around it.

I went to see him yesterday and he was in fairly good spirits and his body is already responding to the cytotoxic drugs so we are hoping that means the prognosis is in his favour.As the rest of the family are all in N.Z. I have spent the last couple of days on the phone relaying the updates so rather draining. Going to work today was a good distraction and now it is time to sip on a wine.

Hopefully will get to the machine in the next few days.


  1. You are getting there! Good job on adding links to side bar. Easy peesee right?

  2. Glad that you ahd a lovely time with your nephew.


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