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Thursday, August 4, 2016

OMG for August

As I was tidying up my sewing room I was folding these fabrics and thought they go well together so why not make them into a quilt. I have been using the purple star fabric for over 10 years now-boy I must have bought a lot of it or maybe it's been a second purchase.

My goal for this month is to sew it into a quilt using the Wiggle Time pattern from Cynthia at I will make it as big as the fabric allows. I have used this pattern before to make this Queen size quilt-
Of course Maisie had to pose for her shot as well.

Here is a shot of her yesterday-

Determined to fit into her bowl od catnip and sleep the afternoon away!


  1. Cute fabrics and cute pattern---I've always wanted to try that one, can't wait to see your finished project. Your kitty evidently has no trouble sleeping in small places!

  2. What a hoot of a photo of Maisie in that little bowl......clearly it's time for a much bigger bowl! Have fun with the two fabrics, they do look good together.

  3. The fabrics do look great together. I sometimes find fabrics I have had for many years (and have many yards of) and wonder what in the world I was thinking. Good thing yours is a lovely fabric. And your cat is adorable!

  4. Maisie does a great job keeping tabs on her nip!

    Looks like a fun pattern to piece and I love the no-math approach!

  5. Maisie is just TOO funny. Love those purple fabrics; I have a very similar (well hardly any left now) owl print in cotton candy pink.


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