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Monday, August 22, 2016


This Giant Star quilt has languished for I don't know how long waiting for the binding to be hand sewn. I made it to try the pattern but also just to use up some boy fabrics.
Well this week I got the needed push to finish it and it has now been gifted along with the chevron quilt.
A  family, with a 3 year old and 6 month old, in our small town tragically lost their house and all it's contents in a fire last week. One of their friends coordinated collecting clothes and bedding for the children. So what does a quilter do but donate quilts.
When I was young we also had the tragedy of having our house burn to the ground and the support of the community was amazing so of course I didn't hesitate to give. It was very emotional when I handed the quilts over as the woman who was collecting the goods burst into tears when I told her I had made them. She found it hard to believe someone would do this for a stranger but isn't that what we as quilters do when we can?

I quilted the star quilt with a meander and star pattern

I have been busy quilting two children's applique quilts for a client but I can't show you the front of them as I don't have permission, and they have not been collected as yet. But how about a little sneak peek-
Green minkee on the back that did not cause any issues at all. I have had three applique quilts to do for this client so thinking up different designs for each one has been a challenge but almost there-just the borders on the last one to go.

I also handed over the elephant quilt that also prompted tears from the grandma I made it for. I handed it over at work and got some  amazing feedback and another order for a baby quilt.


  1. Hugs to you, that's a really special thing you did making those quilts......I bet they will be treasured. The sneaky peek looks good!

  2. Well happy and tearful here together; I know you get it. I so desperately wanted to give to Fort McMurray families who lost their entire homes in the forest fires earlier this year, but the company my brother works for has a branch up there, and when I told him what I wanted to do, he said they couldn't, too awkward to decide to whom the quilt(s) would go as several families were affected. So I'm so glad you got to do this personally, such terrific quilts! And WOW again, I told you how much I love your elephant quilt and the quilting on it, just everything, so I'm so glad you got another order!

  3. A handmade quilt is a special gift, for you put love into every stitch. A wonderful gift for a family in need. Your elephant quilts are beautiful, I love your quilting.

  4. These are such darling quilts. Having a recipient in mind sure helps things get finished.


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