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Wednesday, May 11, 2016

Quilting on Remy

The quilting has begun on the pink star quilt. Using inspiration from both Angela Walters and Judi Madsen's books this is where I am at, and liking it so far.
Before I loaded this one on the machine I made a zig zag quilt that started out with one lot of fabrics that I ended up not liking so delved into my stash and although I'm not sure I love it I was able to have fun quilting it. It will keep a little girl warm this winter
Measuring 40 x 55 inches
I had decided how wide I was making it then just kept adding rows until I was happy with the layout.
I started with straight line quilting and originally was going to alternate that with spirals but liked the look of the puffy owls so just ditch stitched in the seam lines on the yellow fabrics. It certainly took practice quilting those spirals but it got better the more I did.
And a view of the back, although the quilting can only just be seen.

Now it's onto the binding.


  1. I really like what I see so far on Remy, looking forward to seeing the finish(bet you are also!). I think the zigzag quilt is cute.

  2. That's great quilting Marlene! It will for sure make a little girl happy. Yes, swirls do get easier, they didn't come easily to me, whereas feathers did. I LOVE what you're doing so far on Remy.

  3. Your quilting is looking beautiful. Congrats on your newer, bigger machine.

  4. Ha ha! I love the OMG challenge. And your projects are just lovely.

  5. The quilting on the pink star quilt is great! I bought an Angela Walter's book last October and love it. Haven't seen a Judi Madsen one yet - hopefully they might have some at the quilt show this week.


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