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Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Seal of Approval

This is my sisters cat Fergus giving her quilt the seal of approval.
For her 50th birthday (nearly three years ago now!!) she requested two king single size quilts with New Zealand themed fabrics-they have a duvet battle in bed!! What I thought she would like I got totally wrong, so it took along time going backwards and forwards with design and fabric selection to come up with the final plan. They live in Australia but we have holidays together often so a few visits to fabric shops were required.
In the end the request changed from two quilts into one queen/king instead. She selected a pattern called Lantern Lights by Kathy Adams of Koolkat Quilting in Australia, which I modified to get the larger size. The fabrics were both New Zealand themed and had the addition of a fabric featuring bamboo which my brother in law has a love for. I recently holidayed in Australia with them and managed to finish hand sewing the binding down while there.

I was pleased with how it turned out and I quilted it with a pantograph by Lorien called Waitomo, which is a place in New Zealand.
                                                           On the machine.
So although it was a rather belated birthday present I am glad it met with the seal of approval. My sisters house has most of the quilts I have made, including the very first one, which she now says needs replacing!!

On the longarm now is the queen size version of the patchwork chevron, with blocks  made by my fellow Bee Balmers, that will adorn my bed when finished.

Blogger will not let me load any more photos so I will post this and continue my ravings later.



  1. That patchwork Chevron is AMAZING!!!! I adore the colours. As for Fergus, cute as. My dogs like lying on my quilting too.

  2. it is so important to get that seal of approval! Yay!
    I'm curious how your limoncello turned out??? looks like an excellent use for your lemon tree!


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