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Friday, July 4, 2014


Hello and welcome to all my past visitors and to anyone new who may come across my blog.
My name is Marlene and I live in the North Island of New Zealand. I learnt to quilt about 15 years ago when a friend, who had just finished a class, suggested I take one and we could quilt together. I continued but she has only dabbled in it since. I have a huge stash of fabric, books and magazines and should stay out of the shops!! I now tend to quilt with brighter colours and am liking the modern look. Of course that stash has to be used up as well so charity quilts will be made.

Blogger will not let me load these photos side by side sorry.

This was a block I had my Bee Balm sisters make for me and before I tackled my Queen size quilt I made this smaller version-now claimed by my sister. My aim for this year is to become friends with my longarm Nolting machine and improve my quilting skills. This is the first quilt I have been really happy with roll on many more.
 I have had a long break from blogging. mainly due to backlash from some content I had  been associated with online being reported to my previous employer, and the repercussions that followed . Nothing related to blogging but it made me very wary of writing anything online. That is past now and it is time to move ahead. This blog was started as a journal of my quilting and things in life  so that is what I need to get back to. I have been quilting and will slowly show them here but please don't feel obliged to view!

I am a midwife by profession and am working in a very busy hospital at present and love it. I have been very fortunate that my job has enabled me to travel the world having worked in Australia, UK and the Middle East.
I live with two very spoilt cats who  think all quilts I make are for them, and Maisie, the one in the header photo loves the longarm and appears from anywhere the moment the machine starts. If I'm not at work or quilting I am on the golf course, enjoying the fresh air and exercise.
One more project to show and then I will finish as this is a bit long winded!!
I made this cushion from a Don't Look Now pattern, for my great niece Tilly on her birthday. She pulled it out of the gift bag and said 'Look what Aunty Marney made me Dad' so that was cute.

So that's me back to the world of blogging. Thank you for visiting.



  1. Welcome back!! I too am in healthcare, and am careful, careful what I write...sorry you ran into glad to see your projects!!

  2. beautiful pillow! so glad to see you blogging agin.
    I was hoping someone would want to do the Bee Balm bee again ! I am in if ya'll decide to do it again.

  3. Hello, it is lovely to "hear" from you! I have always loved hearing about your stitching, glad you are back!

  4. Love the quilt! Lovely quilting and choice of colors!


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