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Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Bits and Pieces

Spring is in the air- or at least for the past few days. Lets hope this beautiful weather continues.
On the weekend I went for a very challenging walk around the coast at a place called Bluff-southern most coast of the South Island. This is a rugged coastline with pounding seas but just spectacular scenery. First there was a walk along the coast and then I headed up the hill-it said 45mins uphill and I thought well it is probably a slight uphill that will take about 20mins. Wrong!! Boy it was straight up and up- took about 30 mins to reach the top!

The island you can see in the picture is Stewart Island - our third island. It was a glorious day and the 2 hour walk was certainly a workout-it is still winter officially but you would never have thought so on the day.

The sewing machine has been doing a little work - this is my Barcode quilt from the book City Quilts. I am adding one more row and it will then sit atop a queen sized bed.

Not the best photo but it gives a preview. So easy to put together.
Of course,Bella had to decide whether it should be approved or not. She is not usually the sewing room cat-my sewing companion died just before I left Australia. This is where she usually curls up
I have also been doing a little bit of hand stitching. I am not a very big hand stitcher except when it comes to Christmas projects-for some reason I enjoy doing these and so when I won a giveaway from Sandy ( as I posted about) I was excited to receive a Christmas stitchery and have made a start on the project.

I'm using DMC cotton 115 and am liking the variegated look. Don't look too closely at my stitches-I don't profess to be very good but theres no police patrolling here.
I have also resurrected my Sue Ross BOM project as I am soooooo far behind.

While my points do not all meet I am just so excited that it sits flat. My first foray into set in seams in a previous block had quite a few rises and falls-hopefully quilting will sort that out. Just have to applique this down onto the background fabric now.
Hope everyone is enjoying their sewing rooms. Take care.


  1. Great photos from Bluff, lots of fun, and making the most of this gorgeous spell of weather we're getting. Your stitchery is looking lovely, DMC 115 is perfect for Christmas stitcheries, such pretty reds. Bella looks pretty happy parked in front of your fire - warm and cosy.

  2. Oh Marls! Such pretty pictures of the south coast! How nice for us slackers who happily sit at our computers, that you went to all the effort and good exercise to make it to the top. What a view. Love the sign too. But I don't see Des Moines, Iowa on it!

    It's nice to pick up stitchery isn't it? No one will criticize your work but you, and practice makes perfect anyway.

    Are you machine-piecing the Sue Ross piece? Or is it by hand? It's such a pretty block. You've made good color choices.

  3. I love the ocean pictures you posted! How lucky are you! :)

    I like your sewing projects!

    Happy sewing!

  4. Lucky you living by the Ocean, how beautiful. I love the sign with all the cities posted on it.

  5. Spring? Can't see or feel it here yet!
    That bottom project is awesome.... I never get points right!

  6. I enjoyed seeing all of the pics. Your City Quilt is wonderful!


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