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Sunday, August 8, 2010

Back Again

The past few weeks seem to have just zoomed by. I have been working long hours so the days just roll into each other. Am also getting over a dreadful head cold-why do people think they should come to work and share their germs around??? I cannot remember when I last had a cold and I even even had to have a couple of days off which is the first time in years I have taken time off sick. these little critters have kept me entertained-twittering away in the garden where I put feed out for them. Different from the squawking birds I fed in Oz but just as delightful.

I have managed a bit of time in the sewing room. These Blocks for Lissa  are on their way to USA to Jane. If you have not seen the request already then pop over to her blog to read about her appeal for blocks to make a quilt for Lissa, a young mum of three children who has been in hospital,in intensive care, for 7 months

 Remember the book in my last post-City Quilts -well here is a little peak of a quilt I am making from that book. I have found a Quilting Circle to attend on a Monday evening. The lady who held the class on fabric dyeing that I went to also holds quilting evenings. I have only been once so far but will go again tomorrow and finish this quilt top then I hope.

I don't enter many giveaways, and only on the blogs I follow so I was absolutely delighted to get an email from Sandy to say I had won. Sandy was very generous with her gifts and I have already started the stitchery-

Bloggers are just such generous people. Thanks Sandy.
I am thinking of purchasing a longarm quilting machine,mainly for hobby use to start with, but which one to choose???. I would value any advise that bloggers who have one could give me on what their experience has been.
Have a great week.


  1. Marls,

    I can't wait to see your stitchery....

    Wow what pretty birds...

    Glad to hear you are feeling better.

    Sandy N

  2. Lovely to hear from you again Marls...sorry to hear you have been unwell..hope you are on the mend...Great Win.

  3. Hope you're feeling much better now. Love your new goodies and birdie photos. Good luck for getting your quilt top finished tonight.

  4. I too hardly ever get sick... still have not had a cold this year!
    Long arm quilter... no idea! Sorry.

  5. Congrats on the win!
    I also made blocks for Lissa.


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