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Monday, July 5, 2010


I can't believe that July is already here-what happened to the last month?
I am still settling into my new house and life here in Invercargill so the time just zooms by. Fitting all the organising around working fulltime-and more-means the weeks have just zoomed by. Work has been very busy and we have been short of staff so I have been working on the floor rather than in the office. I love it but it is a shame no one does my paper work.
I decided to enrol in a fabric dyeing class in the hope of meeting fellow quilters but in the end it was a personal class for my friend and I. No one else enrolled but the teacher was prepared to hold the class just for us. Boy did we have a great time and produced very different fabrics.
We could use whatever colours we liked and both were happy with what we ended up with. It was more about learning the technique than the results-the true colours are brighter than in this photo but this gives a general idea.
This was my favourite piece-
It is going to become a table runner and is basted ready for quilting-the blue is also one that I dyed. Am loving it.
Even though the sewing machine is taking a while to speed into action this is a book that I ordered and boy am I loving these designs. I have seen it around Blogland so some people are familiar with it. The book is by Cherri House and the quilts are inspired by urban views-simple but dramatic.

Have enjoyed reading all the blogs and admiring the wonderful projects that are being created. It's good to now be back.


  1. I KNOW!! I read so many blogs where people ask where June went... I think it is a worldwide phenomenon... maybe June didn't happen!

    Love you dyed fabrics and that table runner is coming out stunning!!

  2. Oh you did end up with some gorgeous coloured fabrics. Your favorite peice is perfect for a table runner. Love it.

    I don't know about were June wenr,were has this year gone???

  3. Gorgeous colours you have dyed your fabric Marls. I bet the class was fun.
    hugs deb

  4. it looks like you had the most wonderful fun fabric dying, and that new book looks a great read, enjoy! You seem to settling well into Southland life, go for it.

  5. It's good to see you again, and know you are out there, taking on your new life. Your dyed fabrics will be fun to sew. All the best!

  6. Your dye job turned out great. I would think it would be nice to dye most of your own fabric. You can get some nice colors and designs. I read a few blogs last winter where they were using the snow to help dye the fabric.

  7. Lovely to hear from you Marls and that you have settled in...Love your fabrics that you did they are Gorgeous Colours...

  8. WOW! Awesome colours! I would love to try that some day too.

  9. Loved your dyed fabric Marls. The book looks wonderful...I will check it out!


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