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Monday, June 7, 2010


Well that has been a longer than I expected blogging break but I am back at last.
I won't bore you all with the details but I ended up staying in the motel for 6 weeks and the internet connection there was dreadful so very few emails were even sent.
I am now the owner,and resident, of the house I spoke about in the last post. After yet another delay in the settlement of my house in Australia the money finally arrived in my bank account and I was able to put in a pre auction offer for this house which was accepted.I have been in the house for three weeks and am still unpacking boxes and trying to find things. I paid to have professional packers pack up the house but boy I do wonder who trained them!! Things that go together are not in the same box and some things -like a wheel that stabilises my sewing table-I still haven't found!! What I have found is a fabric stash that is far bigger than I thought and I almost embarrassed to see how much is sitting in what will be the sewing room-some serious sewing needs to take place to use up some of that fabric!!
You would think that if you were packing a cordless kettle that both the kettle and heating element would be in the same box-wrong!! And that has how the unpacking has gone with each box. I have been busy buying furniture to fit this house and it's starting to come together. One more week and my new sewing table will arrive-can't wait.
  My new house- Invercargill has alot of these character homes mixed in with more modern homes. I am so lucky to have found a character home that has been modernised.
Just had to show you my kitchen. Even though I love cooking I have never had a house with a nice kitchen but I love this one-it's not quite this tidy now! These are the advertising photos from the real estate agent.

I am loving it here in Invercargill-it reminds me alot of England-the houses, the weather and the countryside. Everyone is so friendly and would do anything for you which is great. My job is great and I have a lovely lot of staff that I manage so what more could you ask.
On the sewing front not alot has been happening with all the unpacking and settling in but one simple quilt has been finished for a very special baby. One of the women who does our data collection has adopted a little boy which is so exciting. They had a little boy a few years ago who only lived seven months and have been trying to have another baby since, without success, so have been on the adoption list for only a short time. This lovely little boy joined their family last week and this is a quilt for Sam.
Very quick to put together and I know there are Kangaroos and Koalas in the quilt but there are also sheep. It was a matter of what fabric I could find in the stash. I'm sure he will love it as he grows old enough to play I Spy.
A friend and I are off to a fabric dyeing class on Friday which I'm really looking forward to. My friend is not really a quilter but a lover of fabric so I have talked her into joining me.
Well that's a quick summary of the last couple of months. It's good to be back and I've enjoyed reading everyones blogs and keeping up with what is happening.
Keep well everyone and happy sewing.


  1. Your new home is just gorgeous... and that kitchen is to die for!
    What a lovely quilt... I am sure the wee bub and his Mum and Dad will love it too.

  2. It looks fantastic! and glad you are starting to find your feet.. If it is any consolation; I had 'professional' packers once... never again! A box with 'videos' on it contained clothes and ONE video. Slippers were left foot in one box, right foot in another. Boxes labelled with 'stuff' and even 'can't be bothered...' (telling!!) and one box had clothes and tapes in and an OPEN bag of sugar on top... needless to say it was ALL over the place... That was the VERY LAST time I ever had anyone pack for me.. there was more work unpacking than if I had done the packing and unpacking all by myself!! So you are not alone.. (hope you are no glad you did not have that bag of sugar!!) :-)

  3. It is lovely to see your beautiful new home & hear that you are happily settled. My movers lost (?) the ring wheel from my microwave...I don't think they look at what they are packing...just wrap & box! Nice to hear that you are getting back into your stitching!

  4. Lovely to hear you are Settling into your New Home & Job...Love your New Kitchen it is Gorgeous...Beautiful Quilt for a Special Baby...

  5. Your new home is beautiful! Good luck with it and much happiness!

  6. Beautiful house and lovely kitchen...

    and beautiful quilt...

  7. Oh Marls! You look like you're in such a beautiful place! I Googled your city and I'm guessing you'll be in for some cold winters, right? How cold does it get there? But for now, it's fabulous, or at least looks so. And there's a quilt shop in town? Wonderful. Thanks for sharing pictures of your charming house, and your to-die-for kitchen. Blessings on you as you settle in and make this "home."


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