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Monday, August 3, 2009

Quiet Week In The Sewing Room

Thankfully the sore throat has gone, although it never came to more than that thank goodness.

Have had a really busy week at work, including a busy shift on Saturday so nice to have some days off. Yesterday morning it was housework and then in the afternoon off to the golf course and a glorious afternoon in the sun.Went to a friends for dinner last night and she made a chocolate souffle to die for-Better Homes and Garden recipe. I’m not a huge chocolate fan(honest) but this was just divine.

This morning I have been to Bunnings to stock up on plants for the garden ,which is looking rather bare. It is all thanks to the possums who love eating anything that is above the dirt. I am still amazed at the amount of chillies they devour. One day I will master keeping them away from the plants. In New Zealand opossums are a pest not something that is protected.

The sewing project for this afternoon is to put together a mystery quilt I have been doing. Has anyone else been doing the Susan Claire online Mystery-well all has been revealed!! Susan did hers in Christmas fabrics but I decided to use up some of my brights –maybe a bad mistake,we will see.

Other blocks Heart block

These are some of the blocks in the making. Will post more later.

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  1. The mystery quilt is looking good so far. Glad you have sometimes to sew. I have a trick for you to keep those possums away. People Victoria hang the CDs on the trees or anywhere you think the dear darling are. Apparently they don't like anything shinny and it will keep them away. Hope this help.


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