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Monday, July 20, 2009

Projects-Past and Present

After a weekend of trying to upload photos I have now managed to add a few but in a complicated way. I obviously need to engage the help of the younger generation for some tuition.
This is a quilt I finished recently for a friends daughters 21st, a girl I have known for many years. I had made one for the older daughter with the brief of blacks and brights(totally my comfort zone) but this one was for pastel blues and a very plain pattern. With the said family being in New Zealand it was a guessing game as to whether I would get it right so it was a relief when it was loved by the recipient.

This is a half square triangle block arranged in a zig zag pattern. It is on the design wall at present as a current project for a quilt for the Bushfire victims.

This is a machine embroidered design by Loralie Designs and it is destined to be part of a Tote Bag. Hopefully I will be able to get started on it today.
I am a person who has a number of WIP at any one time which is not always a good thing but it stops getting bored with any onw project.
The sun is shining gloriously here in Brisbane so we are in for a beautiful day. Hope you all have a good one as well.


  1. Your Quilts are lovely & I do Love the Embroidery ...she is so cool...don't worry we all have's a common thing...

  2. Great pics, Marls! Hope it gets easier for you to upload! Mind you - you have done an excellent job as it is! Love your work and looks like you are having a lot of fun!
    Hugs - Lurline♥

  3. You did it. Lurline was right, it gets easier. Lovely quilts. I like the scrap green quilt - Enjoy

  4. LOVE the scrappy greens Marls!!
    Joy :o)

  5. Hi Marls, thanks for commenting on my blog! I absolutely love that first quilt you showed here - will keep it in mind!
    Best wishes, Linda


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