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Saturday, October 29, 2016

October Finish

My October OMG was to sew these fabrics into a quilt top.
Not only did I achieve that but it is now quilted and bound and although finished  I am not in love with it. Sandra over at suggested it may be that the orange is too bright and until she said that I hadn't seen it but I think she is right. My sister saw it today and thought it didn't pop as the focus fabrics are all too similar so fade together. Looking at it now I think it is both those but it is finished, it is not a disaster and it will keep a little one warm on cold days and nights so all is not lost.
It is quilted with Glide thread in Seafoam, and a Pantograph called Cascade by Lorien Quilting and quilted up nicely.
And of course a Dot Minkee fabric in light green o the back.


  1. looks fun, fresh and funky! Now please tell me about this Minkee.

  2. I still think a little one will LOVE it and will focus on that orange! My Brady loved his mum's (my Brianne) quilt I made her that was in hot pink and bright oranges, and a few other more subdued colours, and would always crane his neck when nursing to gaze at the bright colours on the couch behind him :-) I like that panto. Need to screw up my courage and try one.

  3. Another perspective is that the orange makes the quilt pop. I think it's very striking.

  4. That quilt is gorgeous, I really love the colours and how you have put them together.


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