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Tuesday, September 6, 2016

Goal for September

  So my goal for September is to make more of these blocks, a pattern from the book "Large-Block Quilts" by Victoria Eapen.

I recently went on a road trip five hours south of where I live to visit my mother who in a  Resthome. She has moved into a bigger room that also has a larger bed. She has a quilt on her bed that I made a couple of years ago but it is a little small so I said I would make her another one. I was informed emphatically that there was to be NO green in the quilt. My mother has never 'done' green-something to do with bad luck!! The curtains in her room are grey and red, hence this fabric choice. Hopefully it will finish as I envisage and am thinking four blocks by five. The blocks are 18 1/2 inches unfinished so come together quickly.



  1. I didn't know about green for bad luck?

  2. Fun blocks! Green is good for me and I will not hear otherwise lol. Your quilt looks kinda great without it though and hopefully it brings years of luck your Mum's way!

  3. It's a very musculine looking quilt... does your Mum like the darker colours? My Mum loves pretty pinks and greens. I might make her a quilt one day!
    The Dresden Plate quilt I'm working on now has 18 inch blocks too.


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