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Wednesday, April 13, 2016

A Quilt of Firsts.

Another baby quilt using the Quilt Strippy pattern but this is one of some firsts for me.
So this probably looks like all the others that I have made with this pattern however-
This is the first quilt I have quilted on 'Remy' (as in Remy Martin-my favourite Cognac-and no I am not an alcoholic!!) my new to me Nolting Pro 24. I have never made a secret of the fact that my Funquilter and I have never really bonded (although it has been a lot better of late so isn't that typical), and have talked about getting a new machine with a bigger throat space for some time. Used Longarm Machines are not very often available to buy in New Zealand so when I found this one for sale I went to try it out and now it is mine. I am still on a learning curve with her, so I have been sewing up some tops to try her out.
All in all she ran pretty well for this quilt- no tension issues which I was so happy about.
Quilted with Glide thread and Magna Glide pre wound bobbins.

I had one problem when quilting this quilt  but I'm sure it wasn't the machine, however I had to change the needle 3 times!!!! during the quilting process -and that has never happened before so another first!.
I used a flannelette backing and a new to me polyester batting. The needle kept becoming blunt and this is what kept occurring-that is all the batting pushing through the backing. Is it because I loaded the batting up the wrong way? Any advice gratefully received.

Then the last first was I added a Flange Binding-

It's by no means perfect but I love the effect it gives.
I had trouble keeping my stitch line in the right spot so there are some places on the back where I have stitched onto the binding, but I'm sure with more practice that will improve.
It certainly gives the quilt finish a lift and it is not that hard to do. I followed the Missouri Star Quilt Company You Tube Video that explains the process very well.
So another finish and more to come from Remy.


  1. Go Marlene and Remy! Funny you named your machine, some folks do don't they? I never have. What brand batting did you use?

  2. Congrats on getting a bigger Nolting! I hope this one goes better for you. I have no idea why the needle would become blunt. Have you tried other battings and had no problems?


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