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Friday, January 15, 2016

First Finish for 2016

Happy to have my first completed finish for 2016-

A simple strip quilt that is cot size and I make using the pattern from It uses up stash fabric and I get the chance to practice FMQ designs.

Swirls, wishbone and ribbon meander. Glide thread top and bobbin.

I seldom use solid  backing as I don't feel confident having my quilting showing this much but have to say I am pleased with how this turned out.
The quilt does not have a home to go to as yet but it's a good finish to start a hopefully productive year.


  1. It's lovely Marlene. What size is it, it's hard to tell with nothing to compare it to.

  2. Oh and yes, I will keep the Anchor Bag. It's too nice to give away.

  3. It turned out super! Love the chance to practise FMQ on a "real" quilt. I feel the same as you about the solid backings but often look at quilts I have done and think why didn't I do a solid backing to show off all this hard and beautiful work?? ;-)

  4. Well done - a great start to the year - the colours in this quilt are gorgeous!

  5. This is a lovely first finish! And lovely quilting! x


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