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Friday, January 2, 2015


Belated Happy New Year to you all.
Here in New Zealand it is the day after New Year's day and a holiday day. I worked a 12 hour shift on New Year's Eve as well as on New Year's day and boy were they busy shifts, so there was no after work celebration-it was dinner and bed once I got home.
Today was a day off and a glorious summer day that saw me on the golf course this afternoon.
This was one of the views I had-a Pohutukawa tree-known as the New Zealand Christmas Tree in glorious flower still. And then this little one was sitting on a little bridge that goes over a pond on the course-
It is a New Zealand Kingfisher bird and has bright orange under his wings. How beautiful is he!

So here is my last quilting finish for 2014- a quick strippie quilt pattern from I have made this pattern before and it is a great pattern if you need a quick quilt made. This one I made 'just because'  and it is now in the pile of awaiting a home-

Oops this has loaded upside down but you get the idea.
Closer look at the quilting=stipple in the novelty fabric, wave in the red and l's and e's in the blue.

So what is ahead for 2015-
I am not a list maker and certainly not when it comes to making quilts. I would rather respond to where inspiration takes me and boy there is so much of it in blogland. Saying that my aim for 2015 is to deplete my stash, even if by a little, and I have already started with these string blocks-
and to blog more, as well as comment more on others blogs. We all love comments and I have a long list of blogs I peruse frequently but do not take enough time to comment so I aim to remedy that.
Who knows where life will take me this year but it would be nice to lower my golf handicap, take an overseas holiday (further than Australia this year) and on the job front-that is watch this space-it may remain the same but there may be new doors opening.
So I hope to see you around in this coming year. Wishing you all health and happiness and lots of quilting fun in 2015.



  1. Happy New Year!! That Kingfisher is such a handsome fellow! Your plans for the new year sound great, wishing you all the best for the year ahead.

  2. Happy New Year Marlene! Great photos of the Pohutakawa and the Kingfisher :-) I'm with you - see where the inspiation takes me with my quilting this year! And definitely reduce my scrap stash! Cute little Strippie quilt.

  3. What a gorgeous tree. I can see why it's named thus. :) Love your strippy blocks. That's something that I've wanted to do for a while - I know it will happen one day. Perhaps next spring when get a new phone book, and I can recycle the current one as foundation sheets. . .

  4. Beautiful tree and the Kingfisher is so perfect you have to look twice to tell it is real.

  5. Our Kingfishers are gorgeous. That quilt is very pretty, nice and bright for you! I hope if new doors open on the job front you still stay here.


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