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Wednesday, August 24, 2011


Yes I am still here and checking in with you all, and in two days time I will be checking in with my suitcase and boarding a plane (or several by the time I get there) heading for Italy, and Dubai then a few days in Auckland to catch up with family before heading down south here again. One whole month away from work is so exciting-it is a while since I have had that long off and are so looking forward to it.
This is where I will be spending my first week doing a cooking course in Tuscany before meeting up with my sister and family in Florence for another week in a villa in the country. We then head for Rome for a few days before we part company again. Fun, fun, fun ahead.

To all of you who commented after my last post I thank you and apologise for not answering you individually . Things have improved a little but will never go away completely. The issue is work related so I am sure you will understand my situation.

So what has been happening in the sewing room - the pinwheel quilt is done-
I used a pattern from Moda Bakeshop and I did prairie Points for the first time. I do like this little quilt and how it turned out.The photo does not really so it justice and the very faded out areas are more prominent than look here.
Then I caught up with some of the blocks for the Bee Balm I am a member of-
These are Kates blocks and although the blocks looked they would be difficult to make they went together very easily.
Beebee sent the background fabrics and asked for pink hearts in any design we chose. Beebee is a member of a couple of groups and is gathering an amazing variety of blocks that are going to make a stunning quilt.
This is my next project that is ready to have the binding sewn down and then it is finished-made from the stash although you can't see a dent in it at all. As you can see I have a thing about pinwheels at the moment and as I have four staff members pregnant at he moment they will find good homes.
I quilted this one with hearts with a swirl. I traced the hearts out on paper and then free motioned quilted them. Am pleased with how they turned out.

Well that was a quick visit and I may not be back for another month. Thank you all for continuing to visit. Have been enjoying all the projects out in blogland even though I haven't been that productive myself. Keep up the wonderful inspiration.


  1. Marlene,have the most wonderful time on your trip. Enjoy yourself, laugh lots, have wonderful times with your family and stay safe always.Can't wait to hear all about it when you return. Huge hugs Deb

  2. Sounds like a Dream Trip I'm sure You'll have a Great Time...
    Travel Safe..Your Pinwheels are Lovely.

  3. Have a wonderful holiday Marls.

    Lovely pinwheeel quilt and great swap blocks too.

  4. Have an awesome time away Marls, come back with lots of photo's! Great pinwheels. xo

  5. Have the best time.... enjoy


  6. I love your "thing for pinwheels." I'm particularly fond of them too. Your free motion quilting is very well done! Way to go!

    Have a marvelous and much-deserved (it sounds like it anyway) vacation. Of course, on your return we'll want food pictures.

  7. I wish you a very happy time away. I hope it is restful...ours recently was a bit hectic and I was unwell and exhausted when I got home....bugs from other parts of the world.

    I think on Blogs one has to be really careful about, personal photos , names etc. so I take care to protect my family and any personal information. ( that's why talking about quilts ; holidays, food, gardens and books are all good topics.)

  8. Have a wonderful holiday.. you lucky tart!
    I love your patchwork progress too.

  9. I hope you are having a wonderful time!! Love your pinwheels!!

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