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Sunday, February 13, 2011

Return of the Absent Blogger

The longer you leave it the easier it is not to do-and that goes for blogging as well. Even though my absence has been a long one from here the dreaded Facebook keeps me in touch with alot of you.
I have still been reading blogs and I am amazed at the number of visitors to my blog even though I haven't been posting.
I would like to try an idea that Clare did on her blog.
I love travelling (Italy later in the year for my sister's big birthday) and am so interested in where people who visit my blog come from-52 different countries it says on the counter. Not many comment but if you are visiting and don't wish to comment then please just say hi and let me know where you live. I would love to visit the world!!
So what have I been doing- well I spent a very wet Christmas in Brisbane. It literally rained 24 hours a day and was humid with it. I actually left my jogging shoes in the rubbish bin as the smell from them being constantly wet, and with creek water that had run over paths. was far from pleasant!! Despit the weather I had a great time and it isn't wet int he shops!!Soon after coming home the floods hit and it felt very real as where I used to work was surrounded by flood waters and some of the girls I worked with lost their homes. Luckily all my family are safe and well and did not suffer any damage. You will all have seen the call for quilt blocks, tops, sewing kits and any items to help our stitching sisters who have been affected not only in Queensland but other parts of Australia as well. The country is throwing some harsh conditions on the people there and my heart goes out to them all.
 I sent two tops over to Christine who kindly offered to quilt and distribute donation tops.

I am pleased that these have arrived safely and although it doesn't seem much on the scale of the disasters every little bit helps. The photos are not very good as the weather here in the south does not see much sun shining-or at least not when I am off work!!
There has been a little more action in the sewing room but not alot. I have made a couple more blocks for our online quilting bee-
It was Trees that Sue asked for. She sent a strip of fabric and the only criteria was the trees were to be no higher than 6 inches. For me this was a challenge- would she like my choice; what colours should I use; my workmanship may not be perfect; what if my block didn't match the others?? However I joined the bee in the hope of learning new techniques, tips etc so I am glad Sue set this challenge and here are my result- two forests of maybe not perfect trees but nature allows imperfections.

The other block was for Tara who sent the fabrics and the block pattern we were to make. It is amazing how different they have all turned out. Here is my contribution.
It is my block next month and after many ideas I think I have settled on a Double Ohio Star (heads up to those in the Bee who read this). I have never made this block before but found it in Material Obsession and think I will use African themed fabrics- playing with this in the sewing room at the moment.
My next big project (apart from finishing the UFO's) is my sister has ordered a Kiwiana Quilt (or 2 singles to be more specific) for her big birthday this year. They have a King bed but seperate top bedding  to meet individual needs-you know the pinching of the blankets!! She is very particular about what she wants but it has to have a big proportion of black Koru design print in it, so we haven't finalised a design yet but it should be fun.
And here is the helper I now have- this is the kitten who was going to be called Barbie but it just 'didn't work' so she is Maisie-
She looks very innocent but I tell you she is not. While I use that rotary cutter she chases the blade-accident ahead I can see!! She is very sweet natured but she never stops and is certainly the liveliest kitten I have ever had. She has a playmate next door who is a couple of months older than her and together they visit the neighbourhood including going to the school across the road to seethe children who just love her. She is 4 months old but is not going to be very big at all- just like her mother. Socialising her into the household with the spoilt, cantankerous 11 year old Bella has not been easy and there is no doubt Bella hates her. Bella has not been an only cat in the household so I thought she would warm to a new addition but after 6 weeks there is no love lost and Maisie knows to keep away!!
Work has been extremely busy and some weeks I  seem to do nothing else except work long hours and sleep. We are having a very busy month and for the last two weeks I have had four people off sick so trying to cover the roster has been a bit of a nightmare. However I do enjoy my job most of the time and have a great team to work with and that makes a huge difference to you day.
Well if you are still here, thanks for hanging around. I will now endeavour to post more as I know how much I enjoy reading other peoples posts.
Have a good weekend where ever you are.


  1. Hi Marls, what a great chatty post, I love chatty :o) You know where I'm from, wet old Victoria, miserable no summer Victoria...!
    I loved your trees for Sue and I'm loving your block ideas, I'm into stars at the moment so bring them on..

  2. Hi Marls,

    I live in Hobart, hwere summer seems to be AWOL this year!


  3. Hello Marls,
    Thanks for visiting my blog and leaving a comment. Well done with the tops you donated and your trees are very cute. I think your little furry helper needs some extra training it would be a shame to cut his wee paw ( and spoil some nice fabric ).
    I live neat Taurange ( certainly NOT Auckland as some of the maps and counters say ) It is wonderful talking with folk from all over the world - I love it and quilting bloggers.

  4. Nice to hear all your news & see what you have been sewing. Maisie is really cute too. Hope work settles soon for you. I live at Muswellbrook in the Hunter Valley, NSW.

  5. What a lovely post have enjoyed every bit. Italy sounds wonderful later in the year and I am sure you will have a great time there.
    We do the same as your sister ( it is a European thing) with seperate bedding.
    Have a great Sunday

  6. Welcome back Marls - it's lovely to catch up on your news. Gorgeous kitty you have there, she looks like a wee sweetie. I guess I'm the nearest to you to comment so far - in little old Southland of course! Have a wonderful week, Nicky

  7. Ahh they are your gorgeous quilt tops, I was admiring them over at Christines! So glad you guys didn't get caught up in the floods. My brothers house came close, but he was lucky too. Nice you are back. xo

  8. Hi! I've missed reading your posts! I am keeping my distance from the temptation to join Facebook, so it's blogging only for me. I'm visiting from Iowa, USA, and I hope you'll stop by my blog to enter my giveaway!

  9. P.S. Good for you to donate quilts for flood relief. In my little way, I helped too. I won the bid (a donation for flood relief) for a quilt from Jenny of Elefanz. She mailed the quilt three days before Cyclone Yasi hit! I'm wondering if it will actually make it to Iowa.

  10. Hi from the Yukon Territory, Canada, from your fellow Bee Balmer!!! Good to see you posting, and wait a minute, a trip to Italy? Very cool, the girls are I are saving up for one of's about 5 years away.

    Take care, Viv

  11. I missed reading your post...I love the finishes that you did during your blog silence..

    I'm from Muscat, Oman

  12. So nice to read your post Marls.
    You have been busy. Can't wait to see the trees you made Sue.I stitch, swim with Sue and often have cuppas at her house. So I live in Dongara WA.

  13. Nice to see you are still around, still busy.

  14. You have been very busy Marls. I love your quilts and I also love to travel when we can get away that is.

  15. Glad you're back to posting and safe from the floods and storms. I like your trees! Visiting from the Chicago suburbs in the States.

  16. Great Blog Marlene! Now that I know where you are lurking I will have to pop in on a regular basis and check out your amazing creations!



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