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Monday, October 26, 2009

The Week That’s Past

Still can’t show photos of what I’m sewing as the surprise is still preventing that but those projects are nearly finished then it’s full steam ahead on one of the many projects in my head. So I will show you pictures of my week and things I don’t really need but had to have!!

I won a giveaway this week (along with 24 others but that doesn’t matter). I was so excited as it is the first I have won.I now have a pattern of Esther Aliu’s Tulip Delight tablerunner. I have always admired her work and now I am going to attempt stencilling. I have my supplies ready and waiting..

Tulip Delight  SANY0738








Then on my doorstep when I got home one night after work I found a parcel waiting for me of material I had ordered from USA. I visited Material Gal so if you want to waste a little time browsing go check out her site it is well worth it and she provides great service. These are brighter than in the picture so how could I resist?


Then for those of us in Brisbane it was the Quilt and Craft fair that ended yesterday. It was the first time I had been on the last day, but yesterday was my first day off and chance to go. there were pluses and minuses of going on the final day- the best thing was there were not as many people (stall holders said the other days were crazy). It meant that looking at the amazing quilts was easy with fewer people around. The downside was that some stalls had run out of patterns and notions but I think the less people made up for that part.

I think there were more quilts hanging this year and boy was there some amazing work. Stephanie Newman won Best of Show for Magellanic Magic. I can’t believe I didn’t take a photo but I had followed it’s progress on her blog so was familiar with it. the quilt also won Best Domestic machine quilting and Stephanie also won Best Hand Quilting with It’s a Spring Time. pop over to her blog to check out her work.

The quilt below won the category Junior-Primary School. There was a write up in the paper this week about Niamh Cadoo-Dagley with a photo of her winning quilt. She is only 6 years old!! Those trees have soo… many buttons sewn on them. This girl has got talent!



I cannot go to a quilt show without spending money. Anyone else the same or are you more disciplined. Below are two books that I bought. I was so excited to see the book called Glimpses of New Zealand by Gail Lawther. It is a new book with photos and stories of NZ as well as the most amazing art quilts depicting our culture. Can’t wait to make something from the book.


Of course there was more material and notions to add to the stash but I won’t bore you with those. All in all a great week of purchases but not much sewing.

We are supposed to be finally getting rain today and for the rest of the week but it is not looking too promising out there. But just in case they are right with the forecast I think I will go for a hit on the golf course then this afternoon can be in the sewing room.

Til next time happy sewing everyone.


  1. Thanks for the link to Esther Aliu's site. I'm not familiar with her work, and I'm not sure I'm up to the task of painting on fabric, but I admire those who do. Have fun and congratulations!


  2. The site was great and you really built a great fabric colorful!

  3. Thanks for the link to Esther Aliu's site. i would like to give this a go!
    Congratulations on your win, and I love the fabrics.
    Julia ♥

  4. Sounds like a fun week, Marls! Wish I had been able to get to the show, but a long way from Perth - being an ex-member of QQ, it brings back great memories! Love your fabrics!
    Hugs - Lurline♥

  5. Sounds like you had a good week. The quilt by the 6 year old is amazing.

  6. OOO congrats on winning something!
    It is fun!
    Love the new stuff, especially the fabrics!

  7. Congratulations on winning the giveaways. How exciting!!! Enjoy Natima


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