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Saturday, October 17, 2009


Have finished Block 3 of the BOM and do I like the fabrics anymore now that it is finished, than I did when I opened the package-definitely not. It just does not do it for me.

SANY0715 I did substitute the check fabric in the centre which I am happy with but I put in a brighter pink which now it is finished was maybe not the  right choice. But at least it is done. This is the first BOM that I have joined that I have actually done so I am pleased with myself-the rest of them are piled in the cupboard or I’ve used the fabric for something else!!

What else have I been doing-can only show you a little sneak as it will spoil the surprise otherwise. How is everyone going with their Advent Swap items? I have been enjoying this.

SANY0716Then in the mail I finally got Kaffe Fassett’s new book. SANY0717I saw a comment on another blog that asked were we just seeing the same old patterns but with new fabrics in this book? Someone like Kaffe reproducing the same old thing?? I would be very surprised. So it was off to the bookshelf to look at the others I have and I am happy to say they are all different as we would expect.   This one will be coming with me to Night Duty tonight for perusing should we have some quiet moments.

Went to see the movie ‘Julie and Julia’ this week and thoroughly enjoyed it. Blogging and food-what could be better! Have just been out in the yard weeding-as everything is so dry here with the lack of rain it makes weeding easy although it was rather hot out there. The rubbish bin is full now so time to sew instead.

Hope you are all having a good weekend.


  1. Good work getting Block 3 done so quickly! It will be interesting to see how this block looks when we have more blocks to put together with it. I got a slightly different background fabric in my kit, and I think I might like it slightly better.

    Interesting that anyone could think that Kaffe's new book is just recycled patterns with new fabrics (which, actually, would still be fabulous), but his books are each unique and with a definite different feel or theme to them. The man is endlessly talented and creative. WHY would he need to recycle anything? He probably has WAY more ideas than he can possible see to completion or publishing. I always have so many more ideas than I can ever follow through with, and I certainly do not have Kaffe's talent!

  2. I have to agree on that Block... it isn't very pretty. The fabrics just don't go together well at all.
    At least you did it!
    I probably wouldn't have.
    We are weeding today too.. in mud! WE have had lots of rain ....

  3. I have not seen that block of the month. It just seems that there could have been a bit more contrast and maybe a bit less busy-ness to the whole thing. The plaid really takes away from the whole thing.

  4. The block is stunning! You are flying with it all!

  5. I agree, I'm not a fan of the prints, but I love your practice block. I think the background fabric that came in the kit is too busy.


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