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Tuesday, October 6, 2009

A Bit Behind

Today I received an email to say that Block 3 of the Sue Ross BOM is on it’s way this week. Having been on holiday I’m a bit behind but am starting to get back into sewing and just finished my practice Block 2-I know if I didn’t do a practice block it would be finished now ready to start number 3 when it arrives!! However I feel more comfortable doing this rather than destroying the real block.

I really enjoyed doing this block-the tips given by those who had gone before helped a lot. I didn’t mind the bias seams at all and hope the true block turns out ok as well. Here’s a look at the one I have finished.


I have also been doing some projects for my swap partners but don’t want to show them in case I spoil the surprise.


  1. Hi Marlene,
    I agree with Chris, your block is marvelous! and your Vietnam photos are magnificent,what a wonderful trip.

  2. Beautiful block Marls, I agree with you, I just had to do a practice block too. At least we will get two quilts at the end!! I love the tiny little blue triangles poking out there xo

  3. Marlene...that looks gorgeous...

  4. Love the practise block so I am sure your real one will be perfect. All your points are great.

  5. Your practice block is great...looking forward to Block 3.


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